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Was that break after game 3 planned? I feel like it could have worked against Splyce with how the game ended.


Idk. Either way, mad props to Optic on moving on from that Fathom loss and straight dominating the next game. 

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If I was Splyce I'd be flattered that OG keeps wasting the sniper.


I mean it makes sense. Splyce probably has the best players in the world when it comes to utilizing power weapons. If they can't use them, Optic has the advantage.

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Snakebite: dies
Strongside: "ooh Snakebite getting a little advantageous"

The iconic one-liners just keep coming out of Side. 

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Shows you how much respect Optic has for Shotzzy and Renegades skill when theyre shooting off snipes in situations that aren't even very dangerous.

i mean its not even just Shotzzy and Renegade, think of Bubu and Shooter on past rosters.  Anyone on that team can go off with snipe

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