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  1. 1. Which version do you prefer?

    • TymeLapse's
    • Resivore's
    • Who cares.

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Download Sway - - - [TymeLapse Edition - Bottom] [Resivore Edition - Top]


An original map designed by TymeLapse and forged by TymeLapse / Resivore.


Supported game types include Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction, King of the Hill, and Oddball (TymeLapse version only).


So... What is going on here? Why are there two?


Due to my complete inability to co-forge, and my thorough distaste for his original version's object usage and lighting glitch, I sought permission to reforge Sway as I'd initially seen it. Inspired by the changes I'd made, specifically to top mid, TymeLapse decided to update his original version as well, with a goal of eliminating the lighting glitch from his unreleased version.


Hence why there are two.


Which one do we download, then?


We urge you to download both and tell us what you think. Originally the plan was to hide which version belonged to who to avoid bias, but I deemed it unnecessary seeing that the forge styles are so obviously different (and anyone who has seen how I forge would know that the idiot using Cyan instead of Blue is me). 


So again, we ask you to set all prior feelings of the forger aside and look at the map for what it is, and deem which version you prefer with no prejudices in mind.


Any big differences?


The biggest structural change between the two versions is definitely the lack of bridges from red / blue base to top mid in my version. The elimination of this hard route not only halts the cries of "REDEMPTION!", but reduces the ease of a flag run, taking top mid from a difficult run to an impossible run. However, the map still features a Simplex-esque sprint jump to top mid, so the route still exists, just not for the flag runner. The other differences are in the weapon layout: TymeLapse's version spawns two 1-clip sniper rifles at either neutral base with an OS spawning bottom mid whilst my version only spawns a rocket launcher in the middle, as I was uncomfortable with the ideas of snipers on this map, no matter the clip size.


Cool story, bro. Where are the pictures?


Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know you don't care about the paragraphs you just want to see what it looks like. I got you.


[TymeLapse version on left] [Resivore version on right]


OverviewTyme_zps0e6898a3.png OverviewRes_zps28bcffc5.png


TopTyme_zps7c423cc5.png TopRes_zpsea302242.png


BottomTyme_zps36112453.png BottomRes_zps18dfef55.png


NeutralTyme_zps24a47f5f.png NeutralRes_zps9fc38d9c.png


Thanks! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

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I prefer TymeLapses version. It flows better for some reason, it's like comparing Simplex V3 to Simplex V2. 

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oh gosh this was the map of tymelapse's you were talking about. I remember the glory days for this map lol


I'll have to check your variant out sometime, I can't decide which one looks better on here.

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I prefer TymeLapse's version because I am him and I like my stuff better and not yours.

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I prefer TymeLapse's version because I am him and I like my stuff better and not yours.



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