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Plain Filth

Halo 4's Game Types Ups And Downs.

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343 has made some good and some bad decisions .


Extraction: Extraction is a great addition to halo, it is a very competitive and skill based Game Type.And I can easily say its one of my favorites.


CTF: CTF is one of the most competitive Game Types available, it is used in all MLG event's.It is based on teamwork   as well as individual skill.However, 343 has made a few bad decisions with Halo 4's CTF.eg. In ordinary CTF[not Team Throwdown] you can not return the flag but must wait 15-30,and why can you not drop the flag,as much as I like the Flagnum , it is not as competitive as any other Halo for that reason. But don't get me wrong I like CTF still <3


Oddball : 343 has made oddball very unique in Halo 4 compared to other Halo's, but they have now made it less competitive in the sense that you picked up the ball just by walking over it, it really screwed me over many times, but I do like the fact that you can throw the ball.


I do think Halo 4 is a great game no matter its mistakes.

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For Halo 4? Extraction / King.


CTF and Oddball are screwed up and Assault is just gone.. Default king is awful as well when the hill only counts down if players are inside..

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