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What Are You Listening To Thread

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too mainstream

Yesterday my being was very reluctant to stray from the path.



Let's ponder this phrases existence...So two fisherman catch 100 pounds of mackerel during the early morning hours. The only restaurant in their village has requested 100 pounds of fish for today's service. Both boats are competing for the restaurants business. The first ship there will be able to sell today's catch and earn money for their family's livelihoods. One of the ships captains plans to take the main stream and the other a substrate that is quicker, but treacherous. The moral of the story isn't about who got to their destination first, it's about how you got there. Sometimes it's beneficial to take the mainstream and other times the substrate.


Last night, in order for me to become one with the universe, it was more beneficial for me to take the main stream.


Ps. I used the last of our ketamine. I can't feel my mind or face. I apologize, ill win enough sports betting this weekend to get more. Goodnight.

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In Flames - enter tragedy



In Flames - Ropes.





In flames - Fear is the weakness







i wasn't listening to these when i opened the thread but you posting in flames a few times made me listen to these songs, which kind of meant i had to post them.

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