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Building Gaming PC

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I am interested in buying my first gaming PC. Any suggestions on what I should buy/build? How much money do you save if you build your own? I am looking into the 1-2k range and want to make sure I can fully utilize UE4. 

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Some basic questions people are going to ask will be...


Are you buying an OS or do you already have one? Have a student discount or anything like that?

Are you buying a monitor/keyboard/mouse or do you already have them?

What exactly do you plan to use it for? IE just gaming or do you plan to stream etc

If you already have a monitor what resolution is it and if you plan to buy one what resolution do you plan to be playing on?

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Check the ultimate building guide in the technology subforum here. It's slightly outdated in regards to builds and components but everything still holds true.

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Really depends on what you hope to achieve as SnipeThree pointed out.


Unless you're planning on 144fps1440p or 60fps4k you really don't need to spend anywhere near that much money.  Since it's your first PC and you don't know much going in I wouldn't go that route anyways.


Even a $600 PC is better than a PS4 Pro and capable of running most if not all games at 60fps1080p on High.


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It is COMPLETELY legitimate in this day and age to buy pre-built gaming PCs. This was not the case some five years ago, but now it's completely feasible. For example, compare this build I put together, which kind of splurges in the "fundamental" areas like the case, the PSU, the mobo, etc:


Case - Corsair 750D - $160


CPU - Intel i5-7600K - $235


GPU - GTX 1070 - $380


RAM - Kingston HYPERX Fury 2x8 - $143


Mobo - ASRock Z270 Taichi - $210


SSD - Samsung EVO 960 - $128


HDD - 2TB WD Blue - $70


PSU - Corsair HX750 - $130


Cooling - Corsair H60 - $65


OS - Windows 10 - $100 (can't find this on Amazon for some reason)




Total: $1,621


Now look at this gaming desktop on Newegg. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883230183


Cheaper and has a better processor. The PSU, motherboard, and SSD aren't as nice, and it doesn't have the ability to be prettied up in the future with a big case and possibility for stuff like CableMod, but to a gamer that might not matter at all. Plus you get the pleasure of it just showing up at your door in one piece.

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