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To2 looking for 2 Onyx/Champ players

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Must have a lot of time and a flexible schedule. Must have a good working mic. Looking for players in East Coast Or Central time zone.

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Gt: Skepticallity I'm usually on from 3pm to 10pm until the start of july then free almost everyday. Although my rankings are average this season it's mainly because solo search. I'm usually a mid tier onyx player. I'm looking to compete in the upcoming lan event. Feel free to look at my stats on halowaypoint. 

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GT: Torlava


I'm a rather new player to the Halo Competitive scene, but have been an avid fan of the game since Halo 3. I live in the EST time zone, and I have a lot of time so I'm available whenever. I'm a mid-high Onyx, but RN only 1600 because of the new playlist so I have to grind my way back. Also, I have a good pair of Astros for communication. I'm open to new concepts and strategies and am hoping to get better by learning the rules of the road by others, but don't worry, I have basic knowledge of callouts, rotations, etc. I hope you'll consider me to be a part of your team! :)

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