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Halo Series Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Discussion

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How do I get said backwards compatibility on Xbox one and are you then playing on the same server as the 360 Halo3

Put your Halo 3 disc in, install it and you're good to go.


And yes, same player base as the 360.

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Stopped by r/halo real quick and saw a thread over there saying that Halo 4 fileshare is working again. Saw it this morning so haven't been able to test it out myself yet, but if true, I expect Halo 3 to become a little bit more popular for BC than it has so far. Would be a lot of fun to get some MLG customs going again and be able to play that playlist.

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It's nearly impossible to find a halo 3 MLG game.  I've played a few team slayers and while I still hate radar I have to say it's been damn fun.

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