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HeX Reapers

Ok, So, Hypothetically Speaking...

Here's some choices...  

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  1. 1. Which sounds the best?

    • An H3 map that would fit in the pool, but was never put in officially? (Citadel, Assembly, etc.)
    • A re-scaled remake of "Edge" from Halo Online?
    • Or just take the winning vote for Onslaught vs Amplified vs Lockdown?
    • Other (Reply)

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Snowbound or Epitaph. With all the shield doors.

What about Zealot with the top space area? Even better!


But I'd probably choose a forge map from Reach or H2A to fit the classic gametypes.

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Lol the snipe timer I mentioned was for H2/H2A. It's basically unlimited ammo. That map is actually LESS power weapon heavy in CE in my experience and the snipe timer definitely is a huge factor. Still, 1 cap is near impossible so I'd rather not play a 15 minute game every single time that map pops up.

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Blood Gulch is not a good map. Stop. Please.


You're right, its not.  But it is absolutely fun when you are playing with people in the same room.  Online was the blegh.


Its kind of amazing how LAN will make shitty maps seem fun.

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Longshore maybe



i would be that guy who would search 4s in the social skirmish playlist and we'd match other sweaty 4s and longshore ctf was pretty fun. one bomb was fun too. 

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