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F/A pretty good at 4s and FFA

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Hey my GT is alirocks45 but most people know me as Beyond or Ali. I'm a pretty decent team player and pretty good at FFA. I had champ 7 in FFA and champ 86 in slayer just this season and champ in FFA a couple other times a long time ago. Anyways I've been lots of teams and played a lot of tourneys. I've played against luminosity in HCS qualifiers and beaten some pros in multiplayer. So HMU if you need a player. I currently solo cue most of my games so I need a solid team with good players as I want to learn and get better (I AM NOT LOOKING FOR TEAMMATES EQUALLY AS GOOD AS ME OR WORSE) because I need better teammates I can learn from. Anyways if you want to recruit me reply or send me a message on my twitter @alirocks45

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