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Tfl4me and his wonderful forum survey

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Hey all!


I'm a gamer who's played Halo for as long as I remember, and I'm lucky enough to be doing a study on video games at university (I know right). Basically just wanted to ask 'why did you choose to join TeamBeyond's forum?' - I would be mad grateful for any replies to this thread :)


(the boring stuff now)

The study I'm doing is basically to find out why people use community forums online, with a special focus on online gaming (as that's what interest me, and is probably the most important type of forum culturally right now in terms of research). Any responses will be anonymous, and you'll all get pseudonyms in the final paper.


If you don't mind giving me like 1-2 minutes of your time I have a 10 question survey here:



It's super quick and easy! If you have any questions about the study, me, life, the universe please PM me!

(again this is quite important to my degree and I know I can rely on gamers to get stuff done)


peace x

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