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Meg's NJ Halo CE LAN: 3/24-3/26

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I figured I'd make a thread for this incase anyone was interested. The HCS world championships is on so I expect the majority to support and watch them, which I encourage.


However, after the streams go off we will continue to broadcast into the late hours of the morning from South NJ. Major props to Meg and gazzo for keeping this states LAN scene alive!


Players here as of Friday. Others will be here tomorrow. I'm on my phone so if someone can repost the link, plz do.













Edit: King Nick showed up,as well as Hunter from NY. This South NJ LAN has people from PA, NY, VA, and of course NJ. PoonMaster drove 5 hours for this haha. Unreal.

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Thanks for the link bud. I'll tune in later. I'll be looking to see you and Gazzo upset somebody, so don't let me down! Wish I was there.

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Thanks guys! Updated the link in the OP. I just hopped off the stream station. Prime just arrived so we now have a set 4 of pretty damn good people. Of course, Prime and Poonmaster, who finished third at Beach LAN 5. Devilman and Gazzo will be playing with them and are also towards the upper tier. Others here are also good but they're up towards the top.


Played with a few ppl here, Gazzo is always who I'm used to/compatible with. However playing with Prime makes it feel like a 3v2.

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