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F/A Looking for a really dedicated team

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Hey my name is Destiny and I am a F/A looking for a dedicated team, I am gold 2 but I can really grind to get better. I am really dedicated and keep getting teamed with non dedicated people. Can I travel to events...I'm getting a job pretty soon so I might be able to. Anyway here is some info about me.


Name: Destiny

Age: 15

Rank: Gold 2-3 (its back and fourth)

When I'm available?: (Monday 9pm - 11:00pm),(Tuesday - Friday 6pm - 10:00pm), (Sunday-Saturday 2:00pm -7:00pm)

Mic: Yes

Willing to grind?: Oh Yeah!!!

Am I'm dedicated?: Yeah I am...but the question is are YOU 


If you are serious and dedicated hmu if your not don't, I want to be on a solid team with dedicated and loyal people. 


My GT: XxBloodyThiefXx

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just some tips no one is going to pick you up until your atleast onyx so keep grinding you will get there 

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