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Sea change in the way we play?

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Are we about to see a big change in the way we access our games? Is cloud gaming about to really work?


Next month we see the release of Liquid Sky but what interested me more is the opening up of Geforce Now to Macs and PCs. If cloud gaming was a viable option Nvidia are not going to be selling many graphic cards to gamers anymore.



Companies do not cannibalise their own products like that unless they are seriously worried about disruption in their industry. I know Onlive was a thing that went bankrupt and sold off to Sony but maybe they were just too early.



I've yet to try either of these services and am holding off my judgement until I do. I was wondering why I don't see more people talking about these services coming out so soon, that could potentially have a big impact.


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1.  Several people still don't have internet adequate for even just streaming video.  With my shitty rural ISP I'm lucky to get 5mbps download and they're only just now in the process of upgrading to fiber optic.


2.  Not everyone wants to be online all the time in order to play games.  I also believe that having your game streamed to another machine and back will result in significant input delay, and no competitive PC gamer wants that to happen.  People refuse to buy wireless mice just for the few milliseconds of delay they provide, imagine what's going to happen with a game streaming service.  Unless I'm misunderstanding something here. At any rate I'm sure graphics cards will still have a large market if just for the fact people don't want to be online 24/7.


3.  The service is actually pretty pricey ironically.  $25 for 20 hours on a GTX 1060, or for 10 hours on a GTX 1080.  You can get a GTX 1060 for around $200 these days, for a heavy gamer that's more efficient than spending $25 like every four days (or possibly sooner).  Within one month's time (30 days / 4 days * $25)  you'll have spent around $187, and I'm sure you'll want to use that 1060 for more than a month.  True I'm not considering other components (nor do they even list them), but I'd bet in the long run it's still cheaper to just build.


The niche market for this is people who have fast internet yet game pretty infrequently.    Possibly worth the buy for that demographic only.

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