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Privacy and Security

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Just curious, are there any ongoing discussions about privacy/security/anonymity on here?


I am an info-sec enthusiast and would love to to get a discussion going about things like TOR, cryptocurrencies, disk encryption, PGP,  VPNs, latest vulnerabilities, linux and bsd distros, forensics/anti forensics, anonymity, deannonamyzing TOR users,  etc.


If anyone wants to get a discussion going post it up! I do not have a degree in infosec, but I find it very interesting and love to study and discuss it.


One question to team beyond staff, why isn't this site https? Are our passwords salted and hashed in case of a database breach? What type of security audits have been conducted on this site? Any previous vulnerabilities discovered? Do you give us legal rights to pen test your security for ourselves if we disclose the bugs of course? 

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