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Team Legacy now recruiting (NA)

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My long time team mate and I are committed to traveling to one or several LANs this year as well as play in some HCS online qualifiers. We have been playing since launch and are going to keep playing until the end of H5s lifespan. We should play together to try things out. My discord is:

SlyFox xoxo


Message me on here or discord if you want to talk about practice schedules or anything like that.

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I've been playing since CE and know callout a and spawns. I just got back into the scene so I don't have a discord yet but we should run some games and feel it out. I can't get any further soloing arena but avg onyx 2000 with 4 kda each season. I'll send you a request and msg.

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Just a misunderstanding. Sorry about that. If I knew of a way to delete my post I would.

I think you should be able to edit the post

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