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To2 looking for 2 for Vegas and online qualifiers

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GT: ol Primitive lo looking for 2 more players for HCS Las Vegas and online qualifiers. Minimum requirements to join: 2000 onyx in team arena. nice meme nice memeniWilling to grind at least 3-4 hours 5 days a week. nice mWatch film and scrim. nice meme nice memenice mem Attending Vegas and online qualifiers. nice memenicWe need teammates who are going to stick together for the long run. Tired of people quiting. If ur not passionate to stick as a team no matter the outcome and work around it don't message. Hmu if interested

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Let's run games together, my GT: Rasa Libre

I'm going to Vegas and I need a team with players that understand Halo.

I've been a Champ 5 in FFA, and Champ in arena.

I'm from California


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