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EsportsArena: Rewind - Championship Shadowrun + Halo CE VOD

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edit: if anyone can help me embed time stamped twitch links I would really appreciate it.


While the majority of you guys were watching Halo 5 at UGC St. Louis, a STRONG Minority of us had flown from all over the country as well as a couple Canadians to the EsportsArena in Santa Ana Cali for their first ever "Rewind" event. This event's goal was to showcase some of the amazing competitive titles that were seemingly ahead of their times and went under appreciated into the current age of esports.


This may have been the first time Halo CE was played on a main stage since Philly 2005, and is Shadowrun's first LAN Tournament since Vegas 2007. So it's been just about a decade for each game since we were given the love that EsportArena had given us. Both Shadowrun and Halo CE was only able to access the mainstage for the championship finals due to time constraints, but we tried to capture a lot of the other stuff on the twitch channel twitch.tv/shadowruncentral.


I imagine this is going to be very difficult to follow for anyone new to Shadowrun. We didn't really do play by play commentary because none of us are that experienced in that, and arguably the two best play by play commentators were in the finals. If anyone has any questions let me know!


Shadowrun 4v4 Championship Finals - Hybrid (Majin, Bumjamas, No Nam3, Hershey Squirt) vs Super Acid Reflux Yo (SuperTrooper153, Reflex, Flux, Teapot Yo)




Halo CE 2v2 Championship Finals - Doughboy + Prime vs Bobby Blitz and Brummel 



Great series from both games, although Bobby and Brummel put up a better fight than my team did in Shadowrun.

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This was so much fun to watch. it was great to see H1 on a mainstage again, and i really enjoyed watching the Shadowrun grand finals as well. Even pick up a bit on how TF2 is and whats so cool about that game.


It was cool seeing a certain little teapot on mainstage as well :D


All in all great event and Rewind 2018 will be cool as fuck

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