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Who would win?

Who would win?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would win. FIreteam Osiris or Atriox?

    • Atriox
    • Fireteam Osiris
    • We all know that Master Chief would win....

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Hello! I have just recently joined the halo forums. So I am not completely aware of all of the rules and procedures. So, please excuse me if I do something wrong. The votes are public. Idk if that means they show your name or not or if it shows how many people voted on a certain option.


Let me explain why I chose Fireteam Osiris and Atriox. The reason I did not go for Blue Team or Master Chief. Is because I feel like it would be too easy for one side if it was just Atriox and Master Chief because in the Halo Wars 2 trailers it has shown Atriox beating the crap out of Red Team. Which has 3 spartans.... Keep in mind these 3 spartans did take out an entire elite team back in Halo Wars. And if I put Master Chief I feel like people would get offended or triggered or something like that. So I chose Fireteam Osiris. 

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