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Bring Halo Back

I cant believe I hit a clip on 10 sens

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I forgot how much of a social hierarchy there was in H3. That squeaker contrasting with your second account Mark VI General is such a nostalgia trip. And then there's when you pull the trick on the Hayabusa kid at 4:15. That extremely clear "goofy player-structured player" contrast goes away when bad players look cool and in control by sprinting and thrusting around, and that desire to get good or get Recon is killed along with it. Now that I think of it, it might even be one of the main reasons for H3's success. I think it's also the clarity of the UI and ranks. This is why I think H6 needs to be split into classic Ranked and Halo 5-style Social, but I digress. Any non-MCC H3 clip is great to see.

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I miss Halo 3. They just need to release H3A on PC+all DLC so we won't have to buy another Halo game again.

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how about that lobby system eh? Party up button. Social ranks. Veto. snappy service record.  

Thats my favorite part of that vid.

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