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Your favorite map, gametype, weapon & playlist of all time.

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Map -   Midship / Heretic

Gametype - CTF

Weapon - BR (H2/H4)

Playlist - (Halo 3) MLG playlist

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Hang on ima let you finish. Im gonna let you finish but Halo 3, had the best maps, OF ALL TIME.


*drops mic

lol nah man the quality in maps dropped big time. Perhaps due to game mechanics i.e. movement speed being slower and BR being weaker on line.

On top of my head bad maps that come up in Halo 3: Epitaph, Sandtrap, Avalanche,  Isolation, Assembly vs Backwash in Halo 2... and then a lot of maps were just mediocre.


In Halo 3 the real amazing maps were limited to Construct, Guardian, Heretic (H2 remake), Last Resort (H2 remake though with nice additions), High Ground, Narrows, Valhalla and The Pit. That is 8 maps and only 2ish being BTB, either way still good (way better then Halo 4) but nothing compared to Halo 2. Halo 2 had so much diversity in maps and for the most part each one of them were amazing at one particular gametype.





Yah thats 1 out of 23 and as stated it could be argued it was good for FFA.

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Man this is a hard one... So I'll do 3 sets :D


Gametype: Guardian MLG Ball v8

Weapon: Halo 3 Sniper

Playlist: Halo 3 MLG


Gametype: Heretic Flag v8

Weapon: Halo 3 Sticky Nades

Playlist: Double XP Weekend Grifball :)


Gametype: Onslaught Flag (any version post v4)

Weapon: Halo Reach Grenade Launcher

Playlist: Halo 3 Big Team (Sandtrap, Last Resort, and Valhalla were the shit)


Nedless to say.... I'm a H3 kid :saucey:

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Map - Guardian 

Gametype - CTF (Before Halo 4 that is)

Weapon - Probably the H4 BR as it is now. HR ZB DMR was nice though.

Playlist - Team Throwback (I think that was what it was called?) from Halo 3. It was like a 'hardcore' objective playlist, I loved it.


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Map - Lockout

Gametype - Extraction

Weapon - BR (H2 if you need specifics)

Playlist - Team Hardcore

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