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A Man & His Sniper Rifle!

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Hey guys! For some reason I have yet to get active on TeamBeyond & I'm ready to change that!

My names Frank, AKA Plaza! I've been playing Halo 5 consistently since October 2015 and as of late I have gotten involved in the HCS side of things and have been using Twitter to grow my name! @PlazaPlays ! I am looking to do more in the community as I am not competing anymore and I want to move forward with making Halo content. Therefor I decided I want to start posting Halo 5 Sniping videos.


I was DM'd by an ORG that is pretty well known in Call of Duty named FURY. They recently took top 25 out of 250 at COD MLG Vegas. They seemed like they had the same vision I did with Halo sniping, so I agreed to partner up with them! So I took a huge step forward becoming their only Halo content producer and branching out.


I dropped my ORG introduction Sniping Montage titled "Becoming Plaza" just a few days back! Check it out here



With that being said I wanted to introduce myself to you guys on here and welcome you guys to check out my channel and give me some feedback! Learning about video editing everyday and I'm looking forward to growing! Be on the lookout! 

Here are my links! 


YouTube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwTBXjIqr8xsMT5Usij4Sw


Twitter Profile- https://twitter.com/PlazaPlays


Twitch- Twitch.Tv/PlazaPlays 


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