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nier: Automata DEMO reveiw

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so last night I downloaded the Nier: Automata demo and was hyped as hell


ive heard about this game years ago but never played it. until last nigh! (insert dirty joke)

the games graphics are pretty damn good, not on a finial fantasy level but close, I don't have a ps4 pro nor a really nice tv just fyi. 

but the game play was REALLY smooth and kinda fast paced. over all it felt really comfortable like I already knew what to do and how to play. going further into game play it feels like a perfect mix between Devil May Cry and Drakengard.


I felt like there could of been a little more to the combo system besides mashing square and occasional triangle to spice it up after you decided whether you want a smaller speedy katana or a slower giant katana. the combos do feel really satisfying once you mix in the evading/dashing. that alone honestly make the combat more thrilling over all.

after dashing torards a enemy and attacking can change up how you attack a little. one thing that took me a while to find out if you evade at the right moment you can dodge and counter and deal crazy damage and combo people in the air!


the game gave off this little arcade feeling when the camera view changes and you use your little robot buddy to shoot people.. 



THE GAME IS G R E A T but....2 things


- a lot of the combat hinges on you using that little robot buddy. you legit shoot at the bosses for like 10 mins and occasionally get a few hits with your sword, and that could get old if this wasn't just a demo.

- the combo system, I know drakengard had the light and heavy attacks system. but I want to be able to switch weapons mid combo and create new combos. or be able to press up and attack and my character attacks upwards to launch my enimies. just something more than the light and heavy combo variations


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On your two issues with the game, in hard mode the gun doesn't do enough damage where a few sword hits will kill the opponent besides the minion enemies. Which the robot gun I feel isn't as useful though when there is mass minions.


The combo system lets you switch mid combo. The heavy attacks for weapon set 2 is a diff move list compared to set 1 light attacks. Keep in mind the deml only lets us have these weapons and I believe there is other weapons in the full game. Imo the movement is where this game shines like in this video. Also for ground combos you can cancel attacks with a dash basically making new combos/extensions




The demos music is totally what got me. Seriously amazing music and can't wait for the whole game as the OG Nier also has stellar music

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Yeah, I enjoyed the demo. You can switch weapons mid combo, but it's mapped to the d-pad by default, unfortunately. Thankfully you can fully customize the control scheme (which way more games need to start doing) to make the placement more convenient.


I found the combat system to be smooth, enjoyable, and satisfying which is expected for a Platinum game, but it also felt very safe. Like, I feel like Platinum needs to start diversifying their combat mechanics. Ever since Bayonetta, they've been using the same "template", so-to-speak. And it's gotten to the point where the systems aren't exactly that deep. Bayonetta is still the deepest combat system that they've developed, with only the sequel approaching its depth and complexity.


I wasn't a fan of the bosses, really. They lacked interesting patterns, behaviors, and any semblance of challenge. There were parts of the second boss where I literally just mashed the dodge button and came out unscathed, and had no penalty. I'm generally not a fan of dodges that involve zero consequence.


That said, the bullet hell elements are interesting, if a bit linear in their optimal approach. I also like the perspective shifts, but the controls aren't precise enough for precise platforming in the 2D parts (thankfully there was only one set of platforms that required it however). The art direction is very nice, with the dilapidated ruins and dull grey backgrounds actually forming a rather unique aesthetic. The sense of place is very palpable, and the atmosphere sells the sense of isolation and a world-long-gone very well.


My post may come across as negative, but I really did enjoy the demo. I just have some concerns, is all. I could go further in depth, but I'm tired lol

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