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Back again Beyond!

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Hello all... it's been a long time since I've been on Beyond, since the MCC days... but I am back under a new name and Gamertag!


Let me just start with saying that I think Halo 5 is a MP great game... I'm not sure of the general consensus is of the game, around here... Whether or not you think it's Halo, that's a different discussion, but I personally think it is a quality game, with quality gameplay and that it's a worthy enough foundation for a new generation of Halo (in terms of gameplay). It has had PLENTY of issues with playlist management, lack of content, etc... Spartan Charge is a steaming pile of garbage, as can be the spawns... but other than that, when it comes to PvP combat, I think it's the best shooter this generation and a good competitive game, overall.


For me, it's a great step above Reach and H4... Anyways, I'll leave my introduction with a quick edit that I made for Bacon Gaming, an gaming organization that I play with, a while back... wish I could've kept the video going too, it cuts off pretty abruptly, but it was made for Instagram. Got plenty of other content up on YouTube as well...


Enjoy! It's good to be back... and check out Bacon Gaming on social media too. Cool bunch of guys and gals!


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