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BenQ RL2455HM Optimal/Best Settings

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So ever since I bought my BenQ over a year ago I have had mixed feelings about it.  I don't know if it's just me but I feel as if I can never get the settings correct on it.  When I first bought it I used it for a month and then switched back to the Asus Vh236h because something felt off, and I weirdly enough thought it affected my gameplay.  I noticed a decent amount of motion blur on the BenQ and felt as if my shot struggled more while using it.  Now that being said, I've been using the BenQ again for 7-8 months but still find myself constantly messing with the settings through the monitor and display settings on the Xbox One.


Does anybody know the actual HCS Settings or Best settings to use while using a BenQ?


I am currently using the following:


Settings on BenQ



Brightness 85

Contrast 50

Sharpness 1

Black Eq 0

RGB 100/100/100

AMA High

Instant Mode On

HDMI Auto Switch Off

0~255 PC RGB Range (is that what it's called?  the one where the choices are 0~255 or 16~235)


Settings on Xbox One


Advanced Settings

-Instead of Auto-Detect I have it set to HDMI

-Instead of Standard I have it set to RGB PC



I've researched settings so much while using this monitor, more-so than any monitor I've ever used, and have yet to find some definite answer to my dilemma. 

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Sorry to necro' but did you ever find a definitive, or at least satisfactory answer to your settings question?

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