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1. New graphics look great, love the minimalist approach and they have some cool characteristics, however...

2. Why are we still using the same Pro League scoreboard overlay? Would have been great to have a visual refresh to usher in the new season. Visual variety is key in esports. Hopefully they get a new one by Vegas.

3. I don't really care about the Live POVs/Facecams because I'm a big fan of Observer Mode. I think it should be used 90% of the time but there are obviously problems with the feature itself (bugs, inaccuracies, etc.) and the casters literally have no idea how to use the Hidden Controls so switching POVs seems jarring and spammy.

4. Is main stage not using a closed server? They should have been able to edit the "HCS Blue #" tags to the players' actual gamertags, I can't tell if this is laziness or if they simply forgot to change the tags.


Also, the Gold Pack code box isn't live on Halo.gg, yet they are giving away codes on stream. Dank.


Doesn't appear this is a closed server, which is the oddest thing of all.

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Did UGC even prepare for this event? Like do a practice stream to make sure everything is running smoothly? Onset streaming EU pro league, doing everything by himself, had better production than this.

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Now the caster audio is out of sync it's amazing how this event continues to get worse.


Could someone post the req code here I missed it.

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Just hosted on the TeamBeyond channel, if you have a decently big channel you better host!

If I have a small channel and hosted it should I unhost?





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now i don't remember the last code anymore



what was is exactly?

It already expired.

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