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Don't really care about seeing numbers or divisions in terms of rank, but what I do care about is when I'm in Diamond and get a Gold teammate, matching against 3 Champions on "Focused" search preferences.

The amount of times I've lost Onyx because of long runs of all bronze teammates against 4 Diamonds has caused me far too much pain.

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So halo 3 is no longer the easiest game to get a 50 in lol. Idk what the actual numbers are, and maybe it's because I always place in diamond or low onyx, but it seems like there are more people that are platinum or above than there are below.

(The comment about people getting better over time so those who used to be "20-30" are now "40-50" is crap.)


But if if is the same system why didn't they just keep the numbers? Is it really that important to mimic League of Legends? First "out of the box" settings and now the ranking system?


I prefer the current system.  The problem with 1-50 was that there was a "hard cap" on visible skill.  I was barely a 50 and it looked like i was the same tier as other 50s that basically made me look like a toddler learning to walk, unless you dived into the stats which most people dont.


If there was a 1-50 system, it would still need to have a "50+" criteria attached to it.  I prefer a visible system of ranks like this represented by easily distinguishable symbols.  What they really need to add is a non-skill-related progression system that actually feels worthwhile.  The SR system is total crap.  Halo 3 BACK IN 2007 had it right with its per-playlist, military rank progression system.

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They've certainly paid better respect to their own franchise as a new company and to Esports, which was all we ever asked for as the halo community.


I've had more contact with the Gears eSports staff in the last month than the last year with the HCS. Let's not act like Halo and Gears both don't have micro's being pushed by Xbox / MS.

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