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Finally time to introduce myself

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Hey there guys. I've been lurking around the forums for a while and had some active posting during S2, but have since been inactive and I've never actually introduced myself. With that said, I'm L3G3ND6, from Wales (Yes, the home of 'sheep shagging' haha). I'm an EU amateur player for Zealous eSport and the team and I are looking to go pro.


My previous achievements in Halo include placing semi finals in the final of the HCS EU open challenger cups in S1 which got us into the final Legendary cup where we had the chance to qualify for finals, but sadly, didn't make it. We had a pretty strong roster coming into S2's HCS Challenger circuit, but a couple team mates didn't get along too well and some became inactive, so we didn't perform as we would've liked to, which has led us to bring in two new players. We've also been one of only four EU AM teams invited to a French vs EU tournament hosted by @HaloFR_eSport which had teams such as Evolved and Pulse playing.


In addition to playing Halo, I livestream the majority of competitive matches like our scrims and any tournaments we play (whether they're 4v4, FFA, hosted by ESL or Team Beyond) and I also do YouTube, mostly covering Halo such as tips, tricks and techniques on different maps as well as covering what's going on with the team. I've had huge plans in the works for both livestreaming and YouTube, but due to how S2 was going and I'd just moved to university, decided to take a little time before I started it properly. However, now that the new roster is finalised and things have settled at university, I'm going to be going all out on both Twitch and YouTube. If any of you are interested in checking these out, here's the links:


L3G3ND6's Livestream

L3G3ND6's YouTube


My next YouTube video will be on the new rosters, what each player brings to the table and all other aspects of the team. The video after that will be an unboxing of some of my team's new apparel line from Gamers Apparel such as our team Jersey. I'll also be competing in some of Team Beyond's tournaments, which I feel are a great part of the Halo community and allow us AMs to get practice against some of the best players in Halo.


Also, these are my team and I's social media links, where you can ask us anything you want or whatever.






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