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Infinite Warfare copying Halo in many ways

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This could simply be considered off topic or what not, but if anyone that has gotten Infinite Warfare. 


It seems that there are more that just a few times that COD is literally copying and pasting Halo stuff into Infinite Warfare.

I'm not whining about how it's Halo's game or what not, but more for the fact that isn't that copy right? 


I'm more concerned about the fact that they even copied the sounds from Halo 2 sniper rifle into the Infinite Warfare's pistol reload sound. If you google Infinite Warfare's similarities to Halo you'll find tons of stuff. Just putting that out there... it's free money for 343i if they decide to sue for copy right. I could be completely wrong too. 

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You can copyright assets, but you can't copyright ideas.  If you could there'd never be another platformer after Mario.


Though I wouldn't doubt it if the sound assets in Halo were mostly just stock videogame sounds.

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Seems like the last two COD's have been copying from Destiny way more than Halo. 

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Thats kinda how its been for a while, devs taking ideas of other devs and implementing it into their own game with a twist (or sometimes no twist at all). They see the success and try and recreate it. And then from there devs see to try and one up that until you get "modern gaming" or what we're accustom to as the norm (like parkour in shooters and thruster packs to boost movement speed) So this trend of copying each other will continue on and evolve as it has in the past, not a bad thing necessarily. Just makes us wanting some more originality - which in turn gets copied, lol.  :apg:    

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What makes me mad about all of this is that they're applying a product development industry mode of thinking (which, game development is product development technically)... to game design. And I mean this in terms of big industries like automotive design and development, where competitor products are broken down, analyzed, and benchmarked in order to produce a more competitive product internally.


In a big-tech corporate environment, this promotes innovation and competition throughout the industry... a slow progression of technology and application in design, but when you scale it back to the gaming industry, where your products are $60 and are solely a source of (subjective) entertainment, benchmarking other big titles, taking "trendy concepts" and in some cases, directly ripping mechanics from other AAA titles, you start producing games that are essentially the same as your competitors... i.e. the latest iterations of COD vs TitanFall.


Couple all of that with oversaturation of the market with name brands like COD, and its yearly release schedule, and people start to get turned off big time... People want to play something UNIQUE!


Let these other innovative titles do what they DO... let them be their OWN experiences. The fact that COD directly ripped wall-running and high-mobility concepts from TitanFall, and the downfall it is experiencing now, should be noted by the entire gaming industry. When people play games because they prefer their unique experiences over other games, and they all start blending together mechanically, the identity of each gaming IP starts to all blur together, and that's not good for anyone. Poor creativity, in a purely creative industry.


You can't expect to adopt a similar strategy as big-tech companies/industries through, with a completely different type of product and end-goal, and apply it to gaming where there is no real "progression of technology/innovation" in the same sense... it doesn't work like that. It's a purely creative environment, where customers buy your products for completely different reasons and for personal entertainment... people play Halo because they enjoy the type of experience Halo brings, relative to other shooters, same with COD, same with Destiny, same with Battlefield, and R6 Siege... there is NO SENSE in making games overly similar to your competition.


It's difficult to explain, but ultimately it's an "apples to oranges" type of thing...

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