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Remember the theory about Walt?




wow! That is nuts. Just a random theory i just thought of, hank goes to jesse trying to get him to bring walt in, and walt finds out and kills jesse! NUTS! lol just random thoughts..... that would be crazy

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Breaking Bad Doubles Premiere Audience


AMC’s Breaking Bad returned last night with the first of its eight final episodes, delivering 5.9 million viewers, the most in series history and up 102% over the show’s season five premiere last summer.

The first of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad also became an event on Twitter, with 759,689 total show-related Tweets from nearly 400,000 unique users – approximately two Tweets per unique user. Aaron Paul’s (@aaronpaul_8) “It’s so close I can almost taste the meth #BreakingBad” Tweet at 7:23pm EST generated 25,175 retweets. Peak activity for the show on Twitter was at 9pm EST – 11,799 Tweets-per-minute and at the end of the show at 10pm – 7,859 Tweets-per-minute.

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Having friends over to watch sunday's episode on the good ol' sixty-five inch TV. Suggest food.



Ricin Beans (rice and beans)

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seems like a coincidence, or a familys love for cereal


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