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Happy Halloween, lets play some scary games

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My personal tradition with my wife is we watch scary movies and we play scary games.


Last year we played Outlast and Slender Man.


What are your top Halloween games to play?


My number one scariest game to play is Outlast. Doom 3 is a second.

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Love scary / horor games, here are some of my favorites that some of you might enjoy:


The Evil Within



Alien: Isolation



Condemned: Criminal Origins (BC on Xbox One)




Zombies Ate My Neighbors



The Suffering


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Oh! I had an idea to write a post on my blog about the best games to play in Helloween. 

For now, I have this list: 

  1. Resident Evil: Revelations 2
  2. Darkest dungeon
  3. Dead by Daylight
  4. BioShock Remastered
  5. Doom

Do you agree with it? Or, maybe, I should change/add something? 

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I recently played through SOMA for the first time and while I was really into the game in the beginning I lost a lot of interest around the half way mark. Definitely a good atmospheric game with a little horror mixed in, but more intense than scary. Oceanic sequences are extremely boring.


I guess I'll do a little list like Cyren



Dead Space



The very dated, but still good F.E.A.R.



Amnesia / Penumbra



Resident Evil - A lot scarier to me as a kid, but I still have playing it every now and again.

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Haven't played a lot of horror games and this one has already been mentioned but this one made me nervous a lot. It's backward compatible.




The one below scared me the most though





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