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Should sprint be included in Halo moving forward?


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Re: Thrust.


I hate the use of cooldown timers for player abilities. That by itsself was enough to make me quit overwatch. It almost always means, "yeah, they probably shouldn't be able to spam this ability over and over again, but I can't think of anything that would reasonably prevent them from just abusing it, so lets just throw a timer on it". They don't understand the impact of the ability deeply enough to be able to make the usage of that ability circumstantial. Instead, we are left with a bucket of odd abilities that you might as well use as much as possible, because using the ability is always* better than not using it.


Thrust by itsself has some interesting qualities and might artifically raise the skillgap in some areas, but to act like it increases the number of competitive options a player has is absurd.

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And here we can see how far the cancer has spread.


I don't know what Waypoint thread you're getting your logic from, but this suggestion of yours makes the message infinitely less clear. Evolved settings chooses to remove all of the gimmicks because, amazingly, it's a clearer message. A "clear message" is not "hmm I don't like Halo 5's additions but I wonder if wall jumping would work". This moronic mentality has many faces: trying to be evolved, being a fencesitter, being a progressive, "taking the red pill", being a contrarian against (and therefore "superior" to) both sides, the schizophrenic need to unify opposing ideas into a unit, saying "your opinion isn't nuanced", appeasement, agnosticism and many others. It affects everything from philosophy to politics to design, and it is a filthy, cancerous meme.


Sometimes, a thick bundle of dried tobacco rolled into paper is indeed just a thick bundle of dried tobacco rolled into paper. Sometimes, a thick bundle of game-breaking pre-release marketing gimmicks rolled into a game is just a thick bundle of game-breaking pre-release marketing gimmicks rolled into a game. Abilities were not present in Halo until H5, despite what 343 claims: dual-wielding is not an ability, it is a standalone and thoroughly-tested individual feature (which didn't work), and had much less potential to ruin the rest of the gameplay. "Spartan Abilities" is a vehicle for future fuckups, and this vehicle needs to be dealt with at its root. The disease needs to removed completely. "Spartan Abilities" as a whole is the individual feature - not the individual abilities themselves. Trying to deal with them one by one will not work.


Clarity. Noun is adjective. "Spartan Abilities" is bad. Build that wall. Keep out that demographic. Hope and change. Legalize xyz.


And also, you are not better than us "crotchety old men", your smug opinion is not as evolved and superior as you think it is, and please kindly accept my downvote.

holy shit relax your tits.


Im just saying that this specific thread is about sprint and you guys are going way off topic.

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I assume you agree that H5 maps > Reach maps as well?



The Rig is probably the best map in H5 from a map designers standpoint.


I would disagree, I'm not sure what exactly makes you think that, but the back of Rig is a massive flat open and low no man's land that extends from PC to Shotgun... Other than that, the rig would be one of the better maps in H5 alone, but I think it gets beat out by Plaza or Eden. Not that I find any of these maps to be interesting as a designer.

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