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IAMA aspiring esports writer for Gamurs saying hello

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Hello Team Beyond forums!


My name is James Mattone, a sports and average journalist by trade, but someone who is passionate on gaming and esports.


I've been doing a lot of work lately for sports outlets in Massachusetts, and started work as a statehouse reporter for a local paper, however I want my career to be in esports journalism. So recently, I got picked up by GAMURS, and am now on the HCS Beat.


With that said, I was told in by Callum Fletcher (Fletch...?) to join this forum so I can interact with the community better, and so I don't sound like a complete uninformed idiot in my work.


My goal on this beat is to really learn about this community and to help give Halo the coverage it deserves. I unfortunately have gotten in too late to the game, but I want to start somewhere here and hopefully y'all can help me (please? don't hurt me...)


Anyways, hit me up on my Xbone (GT: IAmNotPrimetime) or follow me on Twitter (@TheJamesMattone) if you want to connect with me or send any tips.

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