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World of Warcraft: Legion Thread

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Anyone been playing Legion? This expansion is a million times better than Draenor and Mist.


Patch 7.1 looks hype as well.

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Yep. I've been playing A LOT to get both of my mages to 110,  finish Suramar, the Class Order Hall, and generally just be prepared for split raids in a few weeks. Its the best expansion I've played since Wrath. There is a TON of content its almost overwhelming. More content that matters than the entirety of WoD in just this release patch and they've already announced 7.1 with even more raids/general content as well as saying this will be a longer and more content filled expansion than we've had in a long time. Its the first time WoW has really felt like the devs are doing their best since Wrath. 


If you were one of those people that quit after wrath then this is the expansion to come back for and play if you're ever going to do it. They've really made an effort to make the game as good as it used to be.

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Been leveling solo because most of my friends have quit playing. Even still I've had more fun in this expansion than the last 3.

Haven't touched max level PVP though so that will determine how much time I pump into this.

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