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TO2 L4 2 for Fall season HCS!!!

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I am currently looking to try out new players that are interested in joining/forming a team for the Halo Pro League and any available Tournaments and LANs. As of now we are a team of two looking for two.  We are looking for dedicated players that are willing to put in the time and practice on working as a team. There will be no individuals or "Egos" on the team. The team will be about having fun, competing, getting better and beating the best. We will be evaluating the interested players through customs/arena. Team A and Team B will compete in different tournaments as much as possible, (that is suitable for the team).

Evaluation Point of interest
Communication- effectively communicates with the team. I.E. knowing call outs, letting the team know how weak and where the enemy is to your location to the enemy.
Play style- players abilities as a slayer and as a support player, "Dirty Work", and Lone Wolfing.
Situational Awareness- Understanding the situation at hand and the ability to think on the fly and overcome.
Game knowledge-  Know at least the basic strats to every map, game type, spawn locations/controlling spawns.
Maturity/optimism- Understanding that we are {BUILDING} and team so we will have a lot of work to do before we start seeing consistent progress. Not looking for arguing and pointing the fingers attitude.
o Must have a headset for communications
o Players must be willing and able to attend LANs when necessary.
o Players must be able to practice at least 3 to 4 days out of the week with the weekends being heavy practice.
o Willing to give and receive constructive criticism.
o Must be 18 years or older.
o Enjoy and having fun playing the game we love as a team.
If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact us.
Contact Info
GT: MeekJitsu
GT: VioletxSunshine.

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