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Predictions for tonight?
LG 3 - 0 ALG

ALG at this point is in shambles. I hope the play well tonight so my prediction is wrong though but until they show some life 3-0 is only sane prediction
nV 3 - 1 LOL

At this point and time I think the LOL squad needs more time to function at their best and unless nV plays terribly it should be a handy win
TL 3 - 2 E6

This honestly is a pick'em and should be Match-up of the night, I give TL the edge for performing better at OC last week and since
EG 1 - 3 OG

Should be Optic walking away with this one pretty easily but I see EG taking a game before rolling over dead.

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Notification that Halo is now streaming.


*turns on twitch*




*turns off twitch*

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What am I watching on this Halo channel? 


A random FFA to fill time?

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I agree. We all agree. 343 please agree. 


The splinter nades? I love those nades this is one i'd vote against. IMO we just need way LESS nades cuz it feels like it's non stop. Throwing a nade should mean at least slightly more, even if it's just for zoning...I feel like i'm throwing 4 nades to zone instead of just 1. 

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