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That is why I'm still going to support the old optic team.

Same dude, especially if they pick up Stellur. Might actually be my #1 team...

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Send me an invite to please, accidentally left the other day,


Username is baddub



Can you invite me as well? Username - KiLLaCaLLL



Can I get an invite to the Beyond Twitch chat?


Twitch name is HazardousMetal


Twitch chat name.




Thank you

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I literally thought I was being trolled for second. Tsquared said Optic Gaming is Lethul, Frosty, Snakebite, and Royal 2... I'm like that's CLG lol.


Then they showed the graphic I spit out the water I was drinking.


Btw can I get an invite to beyond chat group? Twitch username: Deizal.

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Seems like Optic Halo are already in the Optic house


I think Frosty and OpticCreate (Aaron?) both live in the LA area.

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I have a business law test due by midnight but Vision was too good to concentrate.


Oh and I'd like an invite to the chat group as well. Username: thomas_the_john 

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