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I'll admit, on paper the liquid and e6 rosters are better than they've been playing so far.


I foresee quite a few teams having chemistry issues this season.


My early, meaningless, pointless top 4 predictions go:







In no particular order but I could see e6 taking that 4th spot too.


I don't forsee a great season for optic at all, eg and Alg will struggle but could make a push for 4th if everything goes right.

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The more shit Maniac posts the less I think of him and OG. Like dude. You got carried into the league by Naded and got saved from relegation by Str8 Sick. But Cory is being petty? GTFO


I honestly feel bad for Cory. He seems like a nice and genuine dude and is obviously a great player. Hopefully he sees OG in relegation and mops the floor with them, which I think is entirely possible.

I don't see how you can look at both those tweets and think less of Maniac and not think less of Cory. He had 2 weeks to prove himself with ALG and it didn't work out, sucks that he's not in the pro league, but act like a professional. I think there's a quote "you learn more about someone at the end of a relationship than at the beginning" and I've learned a lot about str8 sick from what he's said after being dropped. 

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Anyone can be anything. Liquid looked strong coming into Pro league and then their star faded quickly. 

EG was a favorite coming into Pro league last season and didn't make LAN.

nV wasn't even on the map and ended up 3rd. 


There are no right or wrong opinions on this matter because anything can happen and that's a good thing.

Nahh imagine. 

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 Nope, I have not.


In that case can we get a petition that forces MS to abolish 343i for the betterment of Halo?



but then we would be stuck with just ms

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so far the roster lock period has been boring. when does the shadiness start? 11:55?

We won't see any shadiness tonight.

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Green ketchup or green optic juice?


This just reminded me of the worst thing in the world. Ketchup juice. One of my pet peeves.

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This AR bug/glitch could be a good way to introduce changes to weapon loadouts in pro league

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Mikwen saying they've been scrimming, Snipedown saying they haven't played recently? Also wtf is up with Lxthul recently, he's went sour.

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