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Ninja fans, roybox fans, optic gaming.



 EG vs Optic tonight.



think the stream will hit 20k which would be fantastic.


sucks that it is the last match but w/e

RIP 2016-2016 @@W0uld the prophet  :kappa:

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Great night to be an EG fan...especially a Ninja fan. Since he's been on RNG/Liquid/C9 he's always had big games like this and never could finish them off. Happy he could finally do it and so early in the season.


For EG to make as many mistakes as they did and still beat OpTic 3-1 really shows this team is trending upward.



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Well fuck me that was an exciting couple days in the world of halo. Super excited for next week and rest of season.

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It's the god damn lack of candles and brightly lit room. When tj gets back into his true hermit habitat you'll see OpTic back in true form. YOU'LL ALL SEE.



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