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Last minute predictions for today:


LG 3-0 LOL

OG 3-0 E6

EG 1-3 TL

nV 3-0 ALG

Might need to get used to seeing that  :lxthul:

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Optic is trending

And it's not even tailored.



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So did Lethul take crim's room? would make sense.  he hasn't been streaming and stuff and he was in vision.


Scump is taking Crim's room.  No idea what they're doing with with the theater room now (Scump's old room).

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call me crazy ( or normal by yalls standards) but i think hecz is droping hte entire halo team.


it would make sense considering maniac is the only one at the house.


he could transition into making content apg stellur ace and heinz could search for a new org.

You are god
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Not only are we going to hit 400 pages here tonight, we are going to hit 10k viewers for the first week of Pro League. 


:fire:  :weback:  :fire:  :simms:

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