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Looking to cast Scrims

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My name is Toby and I'm a Gears of War caster from the UK. I've commentated at venues such as Gfinity, am2pro and EGL, and am now looking to cast some Halo scrims on my stream. I've been a competitive Gears of War player since 2006, and competed at events too.

I played Halo competitively for a little while during Halo Reach so I believe I understand enough about Halo in order to begin casting the game. 


If any full teams would allow me to cast over their games, then that would be fantastic. Please find my contact details below.


Also, I've noticed one caster during his personal streams providing coverage of the EU Pro League, using theater mode to somehow watch matches without needing to be in the players lobbies? How do I go about setting this up on Halo 5 and getting access to these VOD's?





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Anyone? no  :wutface:

Hi my name is Isaiah i got by the name Caster Butters I am a community caster for Halo! I'll be casting over the Chattanooga Tennessee Event in September! I'm practicing the whole time on my Twitch channel i get a reasonable audience. Add me my Gamertag is Its MLG Puckett He is my idol and i'm making my dreams come true!

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This is super late, but you need to add the players to your friend list and then when you click on their gamertag in your "roster" of friends in game there should be a spectate option. Also I'd suggest posting over in the pro league thread I don't think many people check over here. 



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