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Fly Society? Needs 1 for Chattanooga

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BlackHaloGod, FlySo Fatal and Myself are looking for 1. Please have experience, be mature and wanting to progress.. Have a big ambition for yourself and the team you might potentially be on.


All of us 3 have experience and have placed really well for ourselves in our Halo Careers for every Halo we've played..


We're looking for someone who's wanting to learn, improve and progress and hoping to create something great.. I will be checking here occasionally but please message me on Twitter or on here.




If you have past previous placings in the Open Qualifiers thats a big plus for me.

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in not that far from Chattanooga..iv been playing sense h2..im experienced, played several tournaments back in h2, know team communications, map positioning etc...I have a h5 team actually but was interested when I saw this...my greatest weakness is probably remembering all of the little call outs for maps in h5..(red street, red alley, orange hall and etc.) my tag is Karma K

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