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Free agent champion

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Hello I'm looking for a solid team of similar skill level I'm near 1900 onyx in team arena and champion in free for all

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Rice Bowl, its Reject Flaws we played a couple of times in FFA and I am champion as well, would you be interested in running possibly!? GT: Reject Flaws

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Getting back into the scene with H5. Below is my history HMU 


-MLG Gamebattles 1st place 4v4 Team Winter 2009/ Spring 2010 - Team: TG Blizzard

-MLG Dallas '08 FFA - Top 8 was the only recorded players - Was the first FFA for H3 - Did not place top 8

-MLG Meadowlands '09 - 4v4 Placed Losers Round 5 - Team: Back Smack City

-MLG Nationals Orlando '09 - 4v4 Placed Top 64 - Team: TG Blizzard

-Local Tournament: Flipper's Gaming Center (South Florida) - Placed 3rd out of 16 teams - Team: N/A

-H3 MLG Playlist rank (if it matters) - 47 on only solo queuing 

-23 years old with multiple pairs of astro's (cause i know people are in fear of sqeakers or people without mics)


I was extremely into the competitive scene in Halo 3 and fell off in Halo: Reach. I tried getting back into H4 and attending AGL Knoxville but we all know the history of AGL..........


Feel free to contact me on Xbox Live, Twitter or here on BeyondEnt.




Xbox Live: Arcaos

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MrArcaos

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