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friendly reminder that you're still wrong about Starship Troopers ;)



that its the greatest movie of all time? 

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is really solid. obviously w/ anthology films there is an imbalance in quality between stories, but they are all at least good to great & have a clear thematic & philosophical link (easily recognizable to anyone familiar w/ the work of the Coens which is basically everyone) so none feel out of place. “Meal Ticket” was my personal favorite.

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Yeah that film is pretty rad. 


What made you like Meal Ticket the most? Most people I hear talk about it feel that its the worst but I think if you take it as a metaphor of creating art/entertainment its pretty good. 


I think I like Near Algodones the most but it'll probably change with every rewatch. Also how about that "suicide" in the Buster Scruggs tale? 

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Slow West on Netflix was good.  I recommend watching...


gunfight at the end was a bit of a head scratch though.

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