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Saw Inherent Vice on Friday. Don't remember a single fucking thing. Can't wait to see it again though, because I'm pretty sure I liked it.

were you on H?

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Ha! If only.


For reals though what kind of sick bastards put a bar inside of a movie theater?! Goddamn you Bob Kraft. As if the mescal I snuck in wasn't sufficient. Next time I think I'll just smoke a few bowls and drink an overpriced ICEE

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Draft houses boiiii. Get wrecked.


 Golden Globe Predictions


1. Best Motion Picture - Drama: Boyhood


2. Best Actress - DramaReese Witherspoon


3. Best Actor - DramaSteve Carrell


4. Best Motion Picture - Comedy: Birdman


5. Best Actress - Comedy: Hellen Mirren

6. Best Actor - Comedy: Ralph Fiennes


7. Best Animated Film: Big Hero 6


8. Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette


9. Best Supporting Actor: JK Simmons


10. Best Director: Richard Linklater


11. Best Screenplay: Imitation Game


12. Best Original Score: Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross for Gone Girl


13. Best Original Song: "Big Eyes" - Lana Del Rey, Daniel Heath


14. Best TV Series: House of Cards


15. Best Actor in TV Series: Matthew McConaughey "True Detective"



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Speaking of Chastain, A Most Violent Year screener is available.


Maggie Gyllenhaal is grosssss


minus Secretary.

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fapping begins. I thought Christmas only came once a year. CGI doesn't look finished (the Iron Man jazz hands shot).


P.S. The Equalizer using a Mark Twain quote to start the film off. smh



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This is like the greatest year of awesome films and games in a long time. My wallet :(

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Some trailers are so much better than the actual movie, other trailers are nothing compared to the movie. American Sniper falls under first, Big Hero 6 falls under latter.


One of the best animated movies I've seen in a while.

There were 2 parts worth seeing in the entire Godzilla movie. One of them was in the trailer. The entire tone of that movie was entirely different than the one they set in the trailer. You don't use Requiem, for Soprano as music if you plan on having a shitty action movie.


And I'm really worried about Mad Max considering how hype that trailer is.

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@@Proven Fury Road is essentially one car chase...for the entire runtime of the film.


Thinking of watching The Grand Budapest Hotel tonight. Anyone seen it?


It's worth watching.

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