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I love this game.

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I have been thinking about making an account on the TB forums for sometime now and finally got around to doing it.


I really enjoy halo and have been trying to follow the competitive scene since 2008. I was never in a position to travel to event and compete but had many friends that did and was able to join them in some local tournaments. Since then I have had a special place in my heart for this franchise and was super excited to see how well Halo 5 turned out.


Now I am a recently separated veteran of the armed forces that will be returning to school to get my degree, and will be playing a lot of Halo in my spare time. I feel driven to improve, but I am not necessarily interested in getting into the competitive scene. I believe I am a little to old to go pro, that and I have other things in my life that take priority. I still have an interest in becoming better at this game that I enjoy.


I see the community here has a lot of excellent players, and that excites me. 


I look forward to being apart of the team beyond community.

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Welcome to Team Beyond! I myself have never really been interested in the competitive scene myself, but I still love the franchise and playing competitive settings when I can, regardless of age. 

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Welcome dude!

Definitely a great community to be apart of and don't be afraid to add me GT: sixteenbit

I'm by far not a great player but maybe there's something I could teach you and you could teach me. Help each other improve but definitely glad to see you back in this community!

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