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F/A Looking to Join a Team

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently looking for a team to compete with in tournaments on Halo 5. I'm a very dedicated player who is willing to practice and learn from mistakes and play for the win. 

Currently I'm about Onyx 2500 in Arena and I usually solo que since I don't have a team to play with or go in with a few friends whenever there is an occasional time they need another. I've been playing halo since CE so I have a good grasp on strats, positioning, teamshots etc. and I'm used to playing against very high tier players who are established in the community. If there's any chance I can try out or someone else who has the same ambitions as me that would like to start a team please contact me and we can go from there.

My gamertag: Ohemefgee Gagan

Thanks for your time reading this and I hope to hear from someone soon!  :)

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