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First Tournament Questions (6/22 2v2 Tournament)

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Hi everyone,


My friend and I have our first Beyond tournament today, and I wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row before the tournament starts. Id hate to be removed or DQ'd because we missed something simple. I know the answers might be common knowledge to some, but bear with me:


1. Is there a way to verify that my teammate and I are eligible and ready to roll once the bracket is released? I noticed a few threads in here for past tournaments where a team registered but was not placed on the bracket for reasons such as not filling out all the required info. Is there any info we need to provide other than our Gamertags? (Like D.O.B or address, etc?)


2. Where will I be able to see the bracket once it's released? Will a link appear on the tournament page once it's been created? Just want to make sure I have a smooth time finding my matchup without getting in one minute before the game starts


That's all I have I think. I've just had some rough and confusing "first tournament experiences" on other gaming sites that I want to try to avoid this time around.


Thank you!

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Interesting, I came here right now to ask the exact same questions. 

If you don't mind me hijacking this, a couple more questions for whoever can answer them:

1: I assume it's a custom game deal. Is it as simple as just finding the people you're playing against and inviting them to a custom game of the same type? We just communicate through XBL?


2: Also, if it's best of 3 and sometimes best of 5, do we play EACH map listed?



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It's all good man, go right ahead.


But I can at least answer your first one, yeah it's a custom game thing. Highest seed is in charge of inviting the other team to their lobby and using the right gametype settings.


With the second one im assuming it's best of 3 so if one team wins game 1 on Map 1 and game 2 on map 2, the third one will not need to be played. That's at least how every other tournament I've done elsewhere worked. (The only 5 game matchup will be for the finals)


If I just said anything incorrect, whoever decides to help us on all this please let us know :)

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All you need to do is have your teammate join and have the correct gamertags.


Brackets go live shortly after 6pm EST.


Hope that helps!

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To add to this ^ - a bracket button will appear on the tournament landing page where you can see the bracket.


You also need to make sure you have 2/2 players on your roster or your team will be removed automatically. 

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