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TO3 looking for 1

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Preferably Onyx skill level, and can be available 2-3 hours on weekdays to play.

Must be wiling to learn and take criticism to get better.


My GT: Doc Destroys





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Getting back into the scene with H5. Below is my history HMU 


-MLG Gamebattles 1st place 4v4 Team Winter 2009/ Spring 2010 - Team: TG Blizzard

-MLG Dallas '08 FFA - Top 8 was the only recorded players - Was the first FFA for H3 - Did not place top 8

-MLG Meadowlands '09 - 4v4 Placed Losers Round 5 - Team: Back Smack City

-MLG Nationals Orlando '09 - 4v4 Placed Top 64 - Team: TG Blizzard

-Local Tournament: Flipper's Gaming Center (South Florida) - Placed 3rd out of 16 teams - Team: N/A

-H3 MLG Playlist rank (if it matters) - 47 on only solo queuing 

-23 years old with multiple pairs of astro's (cause i know people are in fear of sqeakers or people without mics)


I was extremely into the competitive scene in Halo 3 and fell off in Halo: Reach. I tried getting back into H4 and attending AGL Knoxville but we all know the history of AGL..........


Feel free to contact me on Xbox Live, Twitter or here on BeyondEnt.




Xbox Live: Arcaos

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MrArcaos

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I'm in onyx team arena, and I'm looking to get better with people who can consistantly play. message me if you're interested. thanks. GT: Noya

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I just recently got back onto halo 5 after a 2 month break I was onyx before and would be in that skill group again with, teammates who can do more than stand around and die. I'm always looking for photo play with and just want to get better as I do. GT Tango Down2016

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GT: Chriispy Shots


I play a good bit after i get off work at 4:30PM EST. 


Personally think i'm a pretty solid support/slayer role, usually rank around mid onyx always solo que. So if i had some teammates i feel i could contend for champ. 

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If you're still looking I'd like to run a few games and see how it feels running with you guys.


Personally I don't feel matchmaking ranks matter since we all know the system is flawed. But I consistently place high onyx by the end of the seasons. Could go into champion if I put in the effort to grind matchmaking, but I prefer grinding out in customs in 8s or scrims.


I believe I'm a solid player given the right teammates, I can play support/obj/ or slayer depending on what benefits the team more at the time. I don't give up in matches even if defeat is inevitable. I believe the game isnt over until the words "Defeat" or "Victory" come across my screen.


Hmu to run: GT - Vexaerium

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