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PC Experts I need your help.

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So I've recently been working with an older stock Dell PC that "died" a few months ago on me. I got it to work again, and was running pretty awesome (I mainly used this PC to run Minecraft because my Laptop can't run it for some odd reason). This morning when I got on again, it does this weird force shut down thing. It isn't just randomly shutting down straight to black screen, it kind of gives me a chance to stop the shutdown if I'm fast enough, but even if I do stop it from shutting down it it will start trying again after 5 or so minutes. It goes to that screen where it tells me that I need to shut down programs before it can shut down the PC. 


What could the problem be? I think if it was a power supply issue, it would just shut down without even giving me a chance to stop it. Could it be a harddrive error or a messed up Windows 7 download. (I had Windows XP previously and just recently downloaded Windows 7 and I just rewrote over it without deleting the partition before hand.) 

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Would not be surprised if it is a rootkit. Download TDSSKILLER, literally it will find the root kit in a minute. Problem solved.


Could do a linux live cd  full system scan on your hdd while it is totally dormant as well. But I have seen rootkits do this often and its incredibly easy to fix. The linux scan will take much longer because it will scan every sector..



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