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To2 Open Circuit

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As the title states, I have a to2 looking for 2 more for the open circuit. We have teamed since Halo 3 and have played every halo competitively. We've competed on and off in halo 5 and just recently returned with the open circuit announcement.


A little about our competitive experience, we started attending events during the 2009 season, we went to 6 events together, our worst placement was LBR4. Since Halo 4 we have placed top 32 every tourney. during the first arena season of h5, we both were champions and have been above onyx 1700 in every season since although we've only played casually for the most part.


We are looking for 2 players who are dedicated and want to stick together and improve. We don't want guys that are going to give up if we lose our first game or series. We want players who will go over films and strats and try to learn and improve every day.


Both of us will be on today and would like to play in the open tournament tonight. Message me on xbl or post in here if interested.


GT - TuAhmazing


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GT: Hero 2, 2000 Onyx, have a 67% Win rate. 1.58 K/D. Champ 41 FFA 2 seasons ago on alt tag. i dont play FFA on this tag. Looking for a team. Do you want to run games tonight 8/4/2016. Hit me up if youre down brotha, and lets get a 2v2 flag warm up in

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Hey, pretty sure I played with yall back in the day. I'm making my comeback for season 2. And if this Murda guy is who I think it is, maybe we could all run. Dude is solid. Hit me up. TuSaint

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